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Garnet is the January birth month stone. Deep red garnet and diamonds adorn this stackable ring. Create your own design by adding different rings and keep stacking. Add a new one for each special occasion or create a ring for Mothers Day.$90.00

Gigantic Chocolate Confetti Fortune Cookie with your own personalized message inside! The cookie weighs nearly a pound and the fortune is almost 1 foot in length! Its a perfect gift and greeting card all in one! Covered in rich & delicious dark chocolate and sprinkled with edible confetti, this colossal treat is sure to delight everyone! Kosher Certified too! This Gigantic Fortune Cookie comes beautifully wrapped in cellophane and tied with an exquisite ribbon to match the cookies decor. $32.00

Help them get through the day with our cheerful gift box packed full of tasty treats and delicious snacks. Our All American Favorites Snack Care Package is a great gift for any occasion or no occasion at all. $52.00

Spark fun conversations that take you beyond the oh-so-boring "whats your major?" and lead you to questions that you just wouldnt think to ask on your own. Talk about everything from the best cheap food near campus to the best parties to the three causes you care about most. This college-life inspired set of conversation starters makes meeting new people and making new friends way more fun. But, we have to warn you, these questions might be the start of an all-nighter. Heck, you cant study ALL the time!$25.00

The ultimate gift for any man, woman or young adult. The Alcohol Breath Tester is small and fits on your keys or into your pocket. Simply blow onto the sensor while pushing the button. The lights will tell you whether you are ok (green) or over the limit (red).$18.00

A perfect gift for any college-minded person from incoming freshmen to experienced grad students, the College Kit enlivens any matriculate message board with scholarly words like lecture, roommate, pizza, dorm, degree and cram.$12.00

This collection features 72 obscene word magnets isnt afraid to bleeping vent. Put them on your fridge or any steel surface to so you can blow off some steam anytime. Actual metal box is 1.75 x 2.25 inches. $6.00

Movie buffs and couch potatoes alike will delight in our Blockbuster Night Movie Care Package. They can just press play enjoy their way into a relaxing evening of fun and delicious treats! This all-star cast of favorite theater goodies features all their favorite movie time munchies.$48.00

They may be away but you can still care for them! Send your special loved one our thoughtful <strong>Away From Home 101 Care Pack</strong>, which includes all the basic "dust away the blues" treats and gives them some much-needed essentials. Dont let them forget they are loved and missed!$59.00


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