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Our Teen edition offers engaging question for teens to talk about with other teens  at parties, on the phone, online  or even for a fun, casual chat with Mom and Dad.$25.00

Shower the happy couple with wit and wisdom from the people they love most. These conversational prompts make it easy to share lessons learned through experience, as well as debate the days most important issues - like who gets control of the remote. This set focuses the attention on the bride and groom with questions like:$9.00

Let the conversation flow like an excellent Cabernet. At home or at the local wine bar, these thought-provoking questions are an irresistible paring with your favorite bottle of red (or white).$9.00

Whats a celebration without fun conversation? Start the party rolling with our Scatter Cards in a birthday theme. 30 Scatter Cards and matching confetti.$12.50

Whats a celebration without fun conversation? Start the party rolling with our Scatter Cards in an anniversary theme. 30 Scatter Cards and matching confetti. $12.50

The ultimate gift for any man, woman or young adult. The Alcohol Breath Tester is small and fits on your keys or into your pocket. Simply blow onto the sensor while pushing the button. The lights will tell you whether you are ok (green) or over the limit (red).$18.00

A perfect gift for any college-minded person from incoming freshmen to experienced grad students, the College Kit enlivens any matriculate message board with scholarly words like lecture, roommate, pizza, dorm, degree and cram.$12.00

Create an interactive mission statement with the Office Kit, Magnetic Poetrys take on professional language. Words include cross-function, success, paradigm, vision, and desk.$12.00

Whether youre thinking about retirement or planning your next big adventure, youll find the words to write about it in the 50 Something Kit. Write a sonnet about saving for the kids education or just a few lines about wrinkles. They say 50 is the new 40, so its the time to open up a box and find creative parts of yourself you never knew existed!$12.00

The Foodie Kit will satisfy the appetite of gourmands everywhere with over 200 magnetic word tiles featuring words like carpaccio and tapenade. $12.00

This fun set of words and phrases is just the thing for coming up with hilarious new excuses for not getting that term paper in on time. Arrange and rearrange. Actual pack is 10 x 6.5 inches.$6.00

Keep track of chores at a glance with this set of magnets. Actual pack is 10 x 6.5 inches.$6.00

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