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Table Topics - College
Item: # TT/TT-0116-A
Spark fun conversations that take you beyond the oh-so-boring "what's your major?" and lead you to questions that you just wouldn't think to ask on your own. Talk about everything from the best cheap food near campus to the best parties to the three causes you care about most. This college-life inspired set of conversation starters makes meeting new people and making new friends way more fun. But, we have to warn you, these questions might be the start of an all-nighter. Heck, you can't study ALL the time!

What's the most hours you've studied for a test? How would you spend your dream spring break?
What one food are you surviving on at College?
Do you make a face when you dance?
If you couldn't go to this school where would you want to transfer?
What song says it all about your current life?
What are you most looking forward to upon graduation?

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