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A great sentiment and gift idea to give to your group of friends. Sterling Silver 18" chain. Choose between two, three and four hearts...$60.00

Personalized 40th Birthday Coffee Mug - Custom Printed Happy Birthday Coffee Mug Celebrate your Dads, Moms, Aunts or Uncles 40th birthday with a fun & unique Personalzied 40th Birthday Coffee Mug. This personalized birthday gift is sure to be a hit & used long after their 40th birthday party has ended. $16.00

How Old Coffee Mug Let everyone know youre not sure how old you are while sipping coffee from our Personalized How Old Coffee Mug. Our Personalized Ceramic Coffee Mug is Dishwasher safe and holds 11 oz. Includes FREE Personalization! Personalize your Coffee Mug with any name and age.$16.00

They always knew their friendship was a sacred Sisterhood...A tapestry of joy one to another. But looking back over the years they now realize just how much their lives have intertwined. Through marriages, children, triumphs and tragedies they leaned on each other, facing each challenge with empathy, joy, sorrow and more than just a few fits of irrepressible laughter. With hearts knit together in unity and love, this friendship of wonderful wacky women is a blessing they will never take for granted...a sisterhood that will last forever. $16.00

It is a known fact that goddesses attract other goddesses. You know, "birds of a feather..." But the really cool thing is that quite often they flock together long before they reach their true lofty status of "goddess" giving their friendships the depth that only time can give. By the time they become goddesses, theyd been gathering together for so long. Giving, sharing, loving and caring that they know intimate details about each others lives...making their bond unbreakable. Whether shopping, going out to lunch, lounging over a pedicure or sitting on the beach, the gathering of the goddesses cant be missed. Just listen for the buzz of friendship, the tears of shared sorrows and the fits of irrepressible laughter. Youll know in a minute, youre in the presence of greatness. $16.00

Wonderfully wacky women need to stick together. Welcome each new member with their own travel mug. Celebrate a special friendship in a wonderfully wacky way...she would expect nothing less.$16.00


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